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The Southwest Power League is tournament series comprised of junior volleyball clubs located in the Southwest region of the U.S. that compete against one another for rankings.

The basic premise of the Southwest Power League is to provide a core schedule of matched competition in a drivable geographical area. The word “power” might be misleading, as it seems to indicate an elite level of competition. “Matched competition” means that teams are playing against other teams similar to their level of experience. Teams at all experience levels realize the benefits of a power league.

The first weekend is for seeding, so how a team finishes the first weekend determines where they are grouped for bracket play the second weekend. Teams are grouped together with teams who finished with the same record during the previous weekend and each week a pre-determined number of teams are moved up or down based on their performance. Ideally a power league will be scheduled in sites that are a reasonable drive for all teams.

  • The Southwest Power League accepts all national affiliations USAV, AAU, JVA.
  • The Southwest Power League provides a tournament schedule that includes AAU, USAV, and JVA local and national tournaments, blended with five or six state power league tournaments.
  • The Southwest Power League provides youth safety programs for coaches, chaperones and parents, through safety protocols and background checks. USA SafeSport, USAV Impact and Coaches backgrounds certifications through the JVA, AAU and USAV will be accepted.   
  • As part of our youth safety program all coaches, chaperones and parents directly involved with any team must take the online certification for "Head Up Concussion" from the CDC.  
  • Waivers of liability from USAV, AAU, SWPL and JVA will be accepted.
  • All players and coaches must be registered with one of the following national associations, AAU, USAV, SWPL or JVA, and must be rostered and verified. 
  • Member clubs can host one or more of the SWPL tournaments including national holiday tournaments like the Presidents Day Classic, and have their tournaments included in the SWPL master scheduled and tournament series.   
  • The SWPL has partnered with HUDL and will provide live and video tapped programming at all tournaments. This feature will provide parents and players with access to hours of live match play, that can be used for coaching and creating great recruiting highlight tapes.  
  • First place teams in each age category will receive free entry into any JVA, SWPL or AAU season final. If the first place team has already paid for one of the national events, then they will receive from the SWPL a rebate check for the team fees. If the first place team decides to not attend one of the end of the year national tournaments hosted by the AAU, SWPL or JVA, then the bid will trickle down until it is filled.   
  • The SWPL Regional Championships will award medals to all first, second and third place finishers in each age category. In addition each team with the most Power Points in each age category will receive medals and team trophy. 

If you are looking for a fresh start in a new competitive league with no restrictions, then the Southwest Power League might be the right fit for you.

We are currently looking for member clubs to join us in becoming the principal founding members of the Southwest Power League, representing Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and Southern California.

To learn more about the Southwest Power League visit the About SWPL link.  


Rosario Lopez

SWPL League Director

Phone: 6233414583