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World Futsal Federation

    Welcome to the World Futsal Federation (WFF) 

    The World Futsal Federation (WFF), is a new world governing body for the sport of futsal, under the governance of the International Olympic Committee Statutes, Continental Confederations and National Federations.

    The World Futsal Federation WFF bears a special responsibility to safeguard the integrity and reputation of futsal worldwide. The World Futsal Federation is constantly striving to protect the image of futsal, and especially that of the World Futsal Federation, from jeopardy or harm as a result of illegal, immoral or unethical methods and practices.

    In this connection, we have adopted a special Code of Conduct, Ethics and Operational Statutes that reflects the principles of the World Futsal Federation, which defines the most important core values for behavior and conduct within the World Futsal Federation as well as with external parties.

    The conduct of persons bound by this Code shall reflect the fact that they support the principles and objectives of the World Futsal Federation, the confederations, associations, leagues and clubs in every way and refrain from anything that could be harmful to these aims and objectives.

    • They shall respect the significance of their allegiance to the World Futsal Federation, the confederations, associations, leagues and clubs, and represent them and behave towards them honestly, worthily, respectably and with integrity.
    • They shall further respect the core value of fair play in every aspect of their functions.
    • They shall assume social and environmental responsibility.

    Our Mission:
    To foster the sport of futsal founded in 1930, and to continue it dominance as the premier discipline of indoor soccer. We will accomplish this by working with all international organizations and the IOC to bring awareness and clarity to the world of futsal. 

    Our Vision:
    To give futsal a real chance to progress around the world free from politics and restraint. The World Futsal Federation is committed to the growth and development in all areas, by providing cutting edge programming that will launch futsal into the future with a solid foundation and credence that futsal deserves. The World Futsal Federation is paving the way for real change through statutory reforms and continuous review of the World Futsal Federation Constitutions and By-Laws.

    So no matter your affiliation the World Futsal Federation has you covered with real meaningful programming that can help you foster real growth.

    The objectives of the WFF are:

    1. to improve the game of futsal constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes;

    2. to organize its own international competitions;

    3. to draw up regulations and provisions governing the game of futsal and related matters and to ensure their enforcement;

    4. to control every type of futsal association by taking appropriate steps to prevent infringements of the Statutes, regulations or decisions of the WFF or of the Laws of the Game;

    5. to use its efforts to ensure that the game of futsal is available to and resourced for all who wish to participate, regardless of gender or age;

    6. to promote the development of women’s futsal and the full participation of women at all levels of futsal governance; and

    7. to promote integrity, ethics and fair play with a view to preventing all methods or practices, such as corruption, doping or match manipulation, which might jeopardize the integrity of matches, competitions, players, officials and member associations or give rise to abuse of association futsal.

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