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MLF Expansion Deck



Expansion and Membership

Since 2012 Major League Futsal USA is committed to growing the sport of futsal throughout the world in a sustainable way. After a few years of re-organizing the front office, Major League Futsal USA has relaunched its empire onto the world. The expansion plan is to grow strategically by strengthening our existing national programs and supporting associations. Expanding our global footprint and rebuilding the Major League Futsal USA pyramid into new areas of the globe that does not currently have high level futsal.  

Today Major League Futsal USA enjoys a revived global presence within the futsal community, with domestic and global networks coming online everyday.  We are working with the futsal communities at a great pace with a bullish mentality, to cover not only our local markets but to leave a global footprint. 

In the Americas as in the rest of the world Major League Futsal USA has set up points of contacts where interested groups can get the information needed to join.

In America contact President Rosario Lopez. 

The Major League Futsal USA brand is unmistakable and is recognized everywhere, our brand makes a powerful statement whenever it is used, and invokes many feelings of power, sustainability, confidence, and longevity, with your help we can accomplish the goals and visions of Major League Futsal USA.

Major League Futsal USA EXPANSION:

Who is our target area?

  • This Expansion Deck is for anyone interested in Major League Futsal USA.
  • Any current or former members that are looking to commit their programs to Major League Futsal USA.
  • Any associations, leagues or programs no matter how big or small can now affiliate to Major League Futsal USA. 

JOINING Major League Futsal USA:

Joining Major League Futsal USA starts with a great plan that makes sense. The Major League Futsal USA Board of Directors in Europe and the United States has done a great job from from day one which started in 2012. The goal was to re-establish a sensible approach at the professional level. Many factors have been taken into consideration in the development of the new Major League Futsal USA Proper. It is imperative that all interested parties follow our outline to obtain entry into Major League Futsal USA .

  1. Start by contacting us through email or phone to introduce yourselves. 
  2. Send an email stating your intentions to enter the bidding process. 
  3. Tell us if you are joining the Major League Futsal USA Pro or Premier League and in what gender. Be aware that annual fees for professional and premier differ. 
  4. Tell us what city and state you intend to represent. 
  5. We will send you the Major League Futsal USA Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA, which must be signed and returned.
  6. Once we receive your signed NDA we will send you the official application outlining your commitments. 
  7. Once your application is vetted and approved by the front offices in Europe or the United States, we will send you an official Major League Futsal USA contract that will need to be signed and sent back.
  8. We will then officially announce your program to the world.  
  9. Register all players and coaches with Major League Futsal USA registration system or by sending in hard copy forms.  

ABOUT Major League Futsal USA:

Major League Futsal USA, was founded in 2012 and is owned and operated by a board of directors, investors and private federations all over the world, for the sole purpose of promoting Futsal.

WELCOME TO Major League Futsal USA:

An advantage of joining Major League Futsal USA is to be member of the only Professional Futsal League in the United States since 2012. As a chartered member you are backed by a powerful no non-sense program of futsal professionals that works for you.


With an elite staff and management core, Major League Futsal USA will become the largest organization of elite-level Futsal in North America second to none. In the Americas and Europe Major League Futsal USA is building on the vision, commitment, and passion of players, fans and investors.


If you are looking to become a member of Major League Futsal USA, Major League Futsal USA boasts tremendous opportunities for growth nation wide. Major League Futsal USA provides a clearly defined path for the progression, supporting the open league model featuring the best in futsal governance that can be found. There is no limit to the possibilities of Major League Futsal USA membership.

Major League Futsal USA SUPPORT

As a member of Major League Futsal USA, you’re backed by strong support from the best futsal management team at the global level. Major League Futsal USA hosts an Annual General Congress which will be a platform for franchises and managers to post ideas and take minutes.

The Annual General Congress prepares each franchise for the upcoming seasons, provides training sessions focused on critical operations, and enables franchises to share best practices.

Major League Futsal USA is redefining the futsal market. As a Major League Futsal USA member, you will receive the infrastructure, support, and competitive platform to allow you to provide Futsal as an exciting, option in your state-city.

As largest system of futsal professionals in North America you will have an experienced professional staff at your disposal.

Major League Futsal USA services:

  • Training - Major League Futsal USA provides a comprehensive on-site training program for each organization and its staff we will come to you. We want you to be successful, part of that success is understanding what it means to be a professional franchise and how a real franchise works. It is our job as the national leader to teach you the right way so that you can lead your franchise with successful best practices. 
  • Manuals - Licensed use of comprehensive manuals developed by Major League Futsal USA and its partners in the following categories: Operations, Ticket Sales, Game-day, Marketing, Best Practices, Web & New Media
  • Marketing Services - International strategic partners to provide instant credibility and additional support. Unique branded marketing materials adaptable for individual team use and promotion in the local community
  • Television / Internet Media - All Major League Futsal USA events should be streamed live on our very own YouTube channel all franchises have the opportunity to utilize the platform for live streaming.
  • New Media - Dedicated support staff to guide each franchise with all new media efforts that promote the visibility of the franchise. Major League Futsal USA provides the teams with team services support across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, viral video)
  • Major League Futsal USA Registration – Major League Futsal USA registration is a great new feature it allows for individuals to register and become official members. All members will have the right participate in any Major League Futsal USA sanctioned event. 
  • Communications – Major League Futsal USA communications department supports the activities of each member to promote their programs.
  • International Technical Director – Major League Futsal USA employs a full-time international technical director in Europe and the United States to support members and set curriculum for all activities.
  • Competitive / Technical Support - Full access to Major League Futsal USA technical directors as well as hosting of player showcases, combines, drafts and identification camps to expose your federations league’s most advanced players.
  • Operations - Experienced staff that includes an executive management team supported by communications, creative services, new media, finance, marketing, player registration, and operations department
  • Meetings / Seminars – Major League Futsal USA Annual General Congress which contains various seminars as well as regional meetings comprised of sessions to assist in sharing best practices.
  • Minimum Standards - Enforcement of quality control and minimum standards of all federations globally to maximize the consistency of product regardless of market.
  • Officiating - Support staff that assists in processing referee assignments and evaluation with federations throughout the world.
  • Affiliation - Endorsed by and sanctioned by Major League Futsal International.
  • Franchise Growth - An integrated system of high- level professional individuals, allowing your franchise to grow without limitations.
  • Intellectual Property/ Operations Manuals - Use of trademark name, slogans, as well as access to comprehensive operations, game-day, and marketing manuals.