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Major League Futsal Showcase Series

The MLF Kicks off Showcase Series for 2018-2019

The MLF is proud to announce the MLF Showcase Series as part of the new direction for the MLF.  Top executives have begun working with private investors who will finance, promote and help manage the MLF.

One of the new formats for the MLF will consist of a player pool that will be divided into teams for top level competition. Each showcase will feature only the best players from across the country who are looking to further their careers.

Since 2015 the MLF has been promoting professional futsal across the United States, Mexico and Canada, each year trying to improve its position in the futsal community. In 2018 the MLF decided to remove all distractions and promote the sport of futsal from within. Our national and international connections are second to none, we will now use these connections to promote the sport and its players like never before. 

If you are a player looking to further your career, and you are tried of the same old run-around from your coach and club, then check out what the MLF has in store for you.

As an individual member of the MLF you are in charge your career, you no longer have to wait for your coach or club to decide your fate. Take charge of your destiny and prove that you have what it takes to make it to the top. 

Great competition, international representation, fair play, player insurance, and real opportunity are just some of the benefits of MLF membership.            

Any player wishing to compete in the MLF Showcase events can register by filling out the proper paperwork to become a member of the MLF player pool, there is no cost for this membership. 

So how do you sign up?

  • First send us an email expressing your interest to
  • We will send you a response with an individual registration form that you will need to fill out and return, its that simple.
  • No cost to players membership is free
  • All players must be able to compete at the highest levels and maintain a high level of physical condition  
  • Players can continue to play in their local clubs and leagues
  • Each player will be registered with the Amateur Athletic Union AAU for insurance benefits  

As a member of the MLF there will be free training at the Central Sports Complex in Phoenix Arizona and several day camps/combines.

Camps/Combines will provide:

  • Great training and skill building opportunities 
  • Game day operations and events promotions
  • Staff and player coordination for all events
  • Full player uniforms and training gear
  • All matches will be played in a state of the art futsal arena at the Central Sports Complex in Phoenix and the Casino Arizona Talking Stick Arena.  

The goal of the MLF Showcase events is to promote the MLF and the sport of futsal at the highest level. 

As this player pool grows investors will begin to take the MLF on the road to host MLF National Showcase events. These events will also serve as the recruiting grounds for all North American Futsal Federation national team selections, who will participate in international competitions like the FIFUSA World Cup Championships Men and Women and the European Futsal Championships.