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    A New Era for Confederations of Futsal Begins with CONCACFUTSALA

    The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, follows the original authority of FIFUSA, established April 1, 2018 in the United States of America.  

    The new Confederation of CONCACFUTSALA will serve the North, Central America and Caribbean Futsal territories of all FIFUSA and independent organizations.  

    CONCACFUTSALA is now accepting all affiliations and memberships throughout the futsal community. It is expected that CONCACFUTSALA will play a major role in the continued growth and development of futsal in the Americas. 

    The elite staff and management core that represent FIFUSA,  CONCACFUTSALA and all North American futsal federations, will foster the growth and development of the largest organization of elite-level Futsal leagues by building on the vision, commitment, and passion of players, fans and investors.

    This group of prominent visionaries promotes FIFUSA Futsal through the continental confederation called CONCACFUTSALA which governs the North American Futsal Federation, the Federational Futbol Sala de Mexico, and the Futsal Federation Puerto Rico, making CONCACFUTSALA the most powerful multi-generational futsal organization in North America with the history to prove it.  

    CONCACFUTSALA was created to unite all futsal federations under one governing body in North America, through the oldest and most prestigious futsal association in the world (FIFUSA) established in 1971. 

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the fastest growing futsal confederation in North America, please contact us.

    - CONCACFUTSALA is a Futsal Confederation that governs all North, Central American and Caribbean Futsal Federations, under the authority of FIFUSA.
    - A confederation is the first tier governing body under FIFUSA who share the authority to govern futsal all over the world. 
    - In North and South America there are two confederations:
    - One is called CONCACFUTSALA which is under FIFUSA and only governs futsal.
    - The other is CONCACAF which is under FIFA and governs futsal and soccer. 
    - In the United States CONCACFUTSALA Sanctions the North American Futsal Federation, and CONCACAF Sanctions U.S. Soccer. 
    - The U.S. now has two Sanctioned Federations, the NAFF and U.S. Soccer.


    United Front of North America Under the Governance of CONCACFUTSALA