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The NAFF Executive Staff is proud to bring you the first futsal league of its kind, the World Futsal League, due to debut in Feb 2018. 

This league is the result of countless inquiries by professional organizations, players and coaches from around the world, seeking admittance into the Major League Futsal 2018 season. The result is the inception of the World Futsal League WFL, which will allow international teams and players to participate in a World Qualifier system, with all roads leading to the NAFF World Futsal League Championships in August 2018.

This league will also serve as the gateway for international and domestic players to further their international objectives, by entering the NAFF Transfer Mark System created to encourage better relationships with international governing bodies and leagues. 

This is a bold move for the NAFF, but the executive staff feels that the timing is right to launch such a program. The NAFF states "the margins that exist within the futsal community are still to wide, we have to take bigger steps into the future with confidence and understanding to provide our futsal community the best opportunities in the world".

The NAFF has created an executive committee exclusive to the handling of all international transfers in and out of our leagues. We will begin with P1 Visas and other forms of documentation that assist players and coaches with international travel.

The objective is to shrink the futsal world and bring people together with the greatest sport in the world.  We will be depending on many factors to fall into place in order to make this work, but make no mistake the Executive Staff of the NAFF is well versed in all areas of domestic and international laws. Our legal counsel will aid in all matters and will subject their professional abilities to the daily tasks of insuring the safety of players and coaches and to the growth of this project.  

As word of this project becomes well known, we believe that this will be the future of futsal as we know it. Most in futsal communities around the world are subject to local restraints that hinder their international development. This will change everything, with a cohesive understanding of all involved, the futsal community will win on all fronts. 

The World Futsal League is waiting for you!!!! 

As more information becomes available for this process, it will be posted here, check back often to find out more....

WFL Staff....



  • COSTA RICA (La Cruz Guanacaste)
  • USA (MLF)
  • COLOMBIA (Lanus Tocancipa) Bogota
  • PERU (Iquitos Loreto)

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