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Major League Futsal USA D-1 will be considered the top level professional Men's futsal league in the United States. It was founded in 2015. The MLF Division 1 League, will consists of 12 teams within a promotion and relegation system divided into two conferences East and West featuring teams from Mexico, United States and Canada. Participation in the MLF is based on franchise qualifications under the current conditions and minimum standards for operating a team in the MLF.   

This is the MLF's Flagship platform that started it all,  we are made up of independent amateur and professional futsal clubs that become the stakeholders in our organization.  Each stakeholder takes a vested interest in growing the sport of futsal in their communities.  


The MLF Men's Professional Division began in the winter of 2015 with its first exhibition season, featuring teams from across the nation including Mexico and Canada. 

In 2016 the MLF ran its first real season with our finals taking place in San Jose California fielding 20 teams in the U.S. , and Mexico. Our semi and quarter finals presented four east and four west coast teams that battled for a chance at the MLF Cup. The final two teams were KnowEns Mexico and Boston's Safira. The end result was Safira winning the first MLF Cup in MLF history.

In 2017 the MLF held its first National Championships in Draper Utah. With over twenty six teams participating in the national league, it came down to Detroits Waza Flo and the Portland City club who battled it out for the MLF Champions Cup. In the end it would Waza who walked away with the victory. This match had all the makings of a true championship, both teams fighting their way through the strong field of play to get to the final.  



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