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Impact Training

IMPACT is an entry-level coaching requirement of MLF Youth Academy. Individuals who wish to enter into coaching in the MLF Youth Academy must complete the IMPACT entry-level instruction before the start of the season in the region in which they reside.

Coaches may not waive this requirement nor start a season without such certification. The world associations are responsible to keep accurate records of those qualified to coach. If an individual is found negligent of certification, that individual must be immediately replaced with a qualified person.

Violations of this requirement may include probation, suspension, fine, or whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate by the authorized person, persons, boards, or committee of the local state associations. Appeals may be made in accordance with procedures set forth in the bylaws and operating code of the MLF Youth Academy.

The IMPACT Program

IMPACT, an acronym for Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory, is a 4-hour course for the volunteer or beginning coach. Emphasis is on drill development, principals of learning skills, resources, and ethics. This course will be administered at the Region level by the local RFA. All training and certification will be re-certified every three years.   

Content Presented: 

  • Current year IMPACT Manual
  • Coaching Principles/Foundations
  • Motor Skill Learning Theory
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Risk Management and Athlete Safeguards
  • Ethics and Legal Duties
  • Fundamental Skills
  • Basic Games and Drills
  • Offensive/Defensive Systems
  • Practice and Drill Design

Overview of CAP 1,2,3

The Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) is a comprehensive, multi-level coaching education program that covers all aspects of coaching. Both Level I and II courses focus on the critical athlete performance principles in coaching.

Level I:

Target Audience: All coaching and teaching levels, especially if coaches have had no or limited formal coaching education courses.

Content presented: Coaching Principles, skills, games and drills, basic system, and practice management.

Level II:

Target Audience: Level 1 accredited coaches.

New Content Introduced: Emphasis on team systems, team and individual development techniques, problem solving, and social issues.

Level III and higher:

Contact the MLF Youth Academy Office for additional details on Level III