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Major League Futsal USA will be considered the top level professional Women's futsal league in the United States. It was founded in 2015. The MLF will in the future consists of three divisions within a promotion and relegation system divided into two conferences East and West featuring teams from Mexico, United States and Canada. Participation in the MLF is based on franchise qualifications and free agent status under the current conditions and minimum standards for operating a team in the MLF.   

The MLF Women's Division will follow the same protocol as the Men's Division.  All registrations, contracts and forms must be completed before January 1st 2017. 

Women's Professional Futsal the Final piece to the MLF puzzle:

From the onset the MLF has been promoting the professional women’s feature, and is proud to finally announce that the Major League Futsal Women’s Pro league will take its place alongside the MLF Men’s division in 2017. This is a dream come true for many, to finally have a professional women’s pro futsal league will be a game changer not just for the women's game, but for futsal in general. The Women’s division will bring all the excitement that futsal can offer. Many already established pro franchise owners have been planning this for many years. Now that it is here, the MLF is excited and will make this a reality.

This first season for the MLF Women’s Pro in 2017 will operate as an exhibition season with a limited league schedule designed to promote and grow the league. As with any new product, the MLF must be creative and smart as to how it promotes this platform. The MLF feels the timing is right and the futsal community will get behind this venture. 

In 2017 the MLF held its first Women's National Championships in Draper Utah. With over twenty eight teams participating in the national league, it came down to the Phoenix Falcons and the Portland City club who battled it out for the MLF Women's Champions Cup. In the end it would the Phoenix Falcons AZ, who walked away with the victory. This match had all the makings of a true championship, both teams fighting their way through the strong field of play to get to the final.  This event also established that women's futsal is on the rise. 



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