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Constitution & By-Laws

Constitution & By-Laws of Major League Futsal USA

These Constitutions and By-laws will govern all Major League Futsal USA Domestic and International competitions and all affiliated programs and professional business partnerships. These guidelines will help manage the MLF and provide MLF a clear path for National Representation and International appearances. We are the member league of the North American Futsal Federation which is the acting governing body for futsal in North America.

This league accepts teams from any affiliation.           

© 2014 Major League Futsal USA. All rights reserved.

All logos, color schemes and designs are registered Trademarks and Property of
Major League Futsal USA, Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.     

Major League Futsal USA is an Arizona Trade Name filed on January 1, 2014. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 618909.

Chapter 1 Constitution   Article 1.1 Definition 

The Constitution and Laws will govern the operations of Major League Futsal USA.  The Constitution and Laws may be amended, changed, deleted or have new language adopted by a majority of teams in good standing.  Changes not written can be made by a majority of teams of good standing or National Counsel. 

Article 1.2 This body shall be known as Major League Futsal USA (MLF) a professional Futsal league established in the United States of America in 2014.  Servicing professional and amateur men and women with chartered memberships.

Article 1.2.1 Design of League Shield

The official league shield will be designed and trademarked in the following manner:

At no time shall this Official League Shield be altered in any way unless special permission is given for promotion or anniversary programs. 

  • Shield shall have three sides bordered with a Silver outline
  • Colors will feature Red, White and Blue
  • The Inter Shield shall contain three sections, the Face, the Stars and the Stripes. All sections will be bordered with a Silver outline
  • The Face shall have a white background featuring the bold letters of MLF, the font used will be Arnprior and shall be a solid Navy Blue.
  • The Stars section shall feature Six White Stars over a Navy Blue background 
  • The Stripes section shall feature Three Red stripes and Two White Stripes
  • The Stars section and Stripes section represent the American Flag
  • The TM symbol shall be placed on the White Strip furthest to the right

Article 1.2.1 Design of League Logo

 The official league logo will be designed and trademarked in the following manner:

At no time shall this Official League Logo be altered in any way unless special permission is given for promotion or anniversary programs.

  • The Official League Logo shall feature the bold letters of MLF, WPFL or MPFL, the font used will be Bauhaus 93 and shall be a solid Navy Blue.
  • The TM symbol shall be placed next to the letter F
  • Entire logos shall be solid Navy Blue or Red

Article 1.3 Preamble  

These Constitutions and By-Laws have been adopted in 2012 to govern and support Major League Futsal through its infancy to its maturity and beyond.  This is considered a declaration to all who read this, that this federation will be governed by the people for the people by appointed positions with limited terms, to act as the official living document of such named federation. We will act in the best interest of our members, affiliate groups and business partners. To grow the sport of Futsal in the U.S. and International territories by using a grass roots approach. This will be accomplished by observing the open league model featuring Promotion and Relegation that will provide opportunities which transcend social and economic boundaries with an unmatched support system of Futsal Professionals and also providing our members with a sustainable business model and professionally managed Futsal platform to serve as an inspiration to players and Futsal fans everywhere. By unifying Futsal under one umbrella, with no regard to affiliation or membership and establishing programs based on necessity and not demographics of large or small markets. 

Major League Futsal USA is a Professional Futsal league for North America providing:

  • Open league model featuring promotion and relegation.
  • Confederation is NAFF
  • Partnership with AAU
  • Adherence to FIFUSA rules registrations and guidelines.  

Franchise Vetting:

Anyone interested in owning a Major League Futsal USA franchise will undergo a vetting process by a private company hired by Major League Futsal USA.  This vetting process is to ensure that the client or private investor has the means and budget to operate a professional franchise in our league.  This is an important part of the process that protects and secures not just the league but all the current league owners.   

NDA Nondisclosure Agreement:

All groups wishing to affiliate with one of our programs from youth to pro all must sign the Major League Futsal USA NDA.  For a copy of the NDA all parties must be in active talks regarding business practices and opportunities for both parties.  The NDA must be returned within fifteen days as stated within the NDA, and all agreements must be solidified.      

MLF Franchise Annual Contracts:

All franchises current and new must sign an official league contract annually prior to any participation in any league events.  All official contracts must be in our front office no later than Dec 1st for winter leagues and May 1st for any summer leagues, of any given year. As a living document the official franchise contract may change from year to year and may contain new updated league information that can significantly impact each franchise, please read the contract carefully and make note that the official franchise contract is a legal binding lawful document. The official league contract outlines the responsibilities of your organization and the responsibilities of MLF.  

All Players, Coaches and Staff must be annual members of the NAFF to participate. Individual Registrations open September 1st of every year and expire August 31st.   

Franchise Formation:

The formation of an official MLF franchise or subsidiary must follow these guidelines no flexibility or exceptions will be granted. To properly brand within the MLF pyramid all interested parties shall follow proper guidelines to ensure the look and feel of the MLF.  

  • The franchise name must represent a city or state, the name of that city or state shall be in the franchise official name.
  • The franchise logo must display the same attributes as the club’s official name. 
  • No ethnic names or nicknames will be allowed to be branded into the official MLF franchise name.
  • No prior franchise names allowed to operate under such name, even if the franchise is well known or has been in the Futsal world many years. A new name must be chosen before that said franchise will be accepted into the MLF.
  • Every franchise must have the official MLF Shield on display at all times in all advertisements and social media. 
  • Every franchise will use our uniform and equipment provider.
  • Every franchise will use the official MLF template for all advertisements creating a uniformed look.
  • Every franchise will use our website provider and social media outlets.

Accredited Franchise Facilities

MLF facility requirements and standards, are in place to ensure the safety and quality of the sport of futsal.  Only authorized MLF facilities may be used for sanctioned MLF events.  No other non-authorized facilities will be used at any time. An authorized MLF Facility receives its accreditation from the MLF. To receive this accreditation an inspection of the said facility has to be made by representatives of MLF and all specified standards must be met at the time of inspection to qualify a facility as an official accredited MLF playable facility.  MLF will utilize standards found in the official FIFUSA Futsal handbook for proper court size and quality.

Other standards are but not limited to:

  • 500-1500 minimum seating capacity (no Jr high or high schools allowed) must be college level arenas or above
  • Announcers box
  • Players seating two rows
  • At least fifteen feet perimeter around playing court
  • Time Clock table and seat
  • Ticket box office
  • Information booth (staffed)
  • Lockers for both teams
  • Floor towels or mop
  • Pro trainer table accessible
  • Locker or changing room for referees
  • League meeting room for pre-game team meetings
  • VIP seating
  • Vendor booth for league apparel

Article 1.4 League Divisions;

MLF League format 2017

Major League Futsal USA Pro Men’s and Women’s league will be considered the top level professional futsal league in the United States. It was founded in 2015. The MLF which is played under FIFUSA rules, will consists of first, second and third division teams divided into two conferences East and West. Participation in the MLF is based on franchise qualifications under the current conditions and minimum standards for operating a team in the MLF National League. Promotion and Relegation will apply when the league can support pro/rel option.    

The Men's Premier Futsal League sponsored by Major League Futsal will be considered the top amateur and semi-pro development league (D-League) in the United States. It was founded in 2015. The MPFL which is played under FIFUSA rules, will consists of teams divided into four or six regions organized into two conferences the East and West. 

This league will operate in a regional system of leagues each managed and operated by MLF Regional Directors.

The Women's Premier Futsal League sponsored by Major League Futsal will be considered the top amateur and semi-pro development league (D-League) in the United States. It was founded in 2015. The Women's Premier Futsal League which is played under FIFUSA rules, will consists of teams divided into four or six regions organized into two conferences the East and West. 

This league will operate in a regional system of leagues each managed and operated by MLF Regional Directors.

5. Major League Futsal USA National Teams:

MLF will field national teams from its league that will represent MLF in national and international appearances.  The makeup of these teams will follow all AMF, and world counsel programs.  These teams will be selected by the National Counsel and will be funded by MLF.  All players must be registered members of MLF in good standing.  The National Team coaching staff will consist of four coaches made up of the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Professional Trainer, and Team Manager.  Each National Team will consist of twelve active players and six alternate players.  Separate player and coaching contracts will be drawn for the sole purpose of National Team duty.  All franchises will accommodate each player selected for service by the National Counsel.

Chapter 2 Governing Bodies & Committees Article

2.0 League Financial Securities

The MLF President and the Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the League; shall receive all duties, assessments and other revenues paid to the League. They shall deposit all such revenues in the name of the League in such depositories as may be selected by the Treasurer. The Treasurer will keep an accurate account of all monies of the League for the payment of accounts, fees and dues and shall make such payments as shall be due by the League. 

2.1 National Counsel 

The National Council will meet at least once a year, and will consist of the league President, Commissioner, Conference Representatives from each franchise, Treasurer, National Referee Commissioner.  The League President and Commissioner shall keep the League National Counsel advised on decisions affecting the League operations and when appropriate, rely on their advice: 

1. Approve the schedule for league play and MLF Finals.

2. Interpret the rules.

3. Be the final appeal in protested games along with the National Counsel unless the President or Commissioner has a conflict.

4. Exercise disciplinary powers conferred by these By-laws.

5. Make known and enforce the provisions of these By-laws and the Laws of MLF.

6. Maintain and govern the National Team selection

7. Maintain and govern the International Charter program

8. Maintain and govern the National Coach of the year awards

9. Maintain and govern the league player awards

10. Maintain and govern the Hall of Fame inductees

11. Maintain and govern any visiting dignitaries   

Article 2.2 MLF AGM (can be done using online meeting platforms)

MLF General Meeting will consist of one representative from each franchise. 

Article 2.3 MLF Operation of League 

The MLF President has the power to appoint at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or during the interim between AGM meetings.   

1) MLF President will be in charge of calling meetings, National Council meetings, Conference calls, decide meeting agendas, and chair meetings.  The President will be responsible for all personnel decisions, league operations, league team discipline, automatic expenditures, league dues, travel to necessary meetings, legal fees, compensation to enforce the constitution and rules, final approval on all regional schedules content, regional structures, appointment of regional directors and other duties outlined in the constitution and by-laws. 

2) A MLF Treasurer will produce a League budget and a once a year detailed financial report, collecting and paying all monies.  During the interim between AGM's, the treasurer shall make available reports to the National Counsel and Conference Reps. 

3) A National Referee Assigner will be appointed to coordinate all referee duties, and to organize a national certification process. 

4) A Recording Secretary to take the minutes of all meetings will be appointed by the MLF President or Commissioner. 

5) A MLF Registrar to register players with the appropriate affiliations. 

6) The MLF President or Commissioner may appoint other League Representatives for duties as needed. 

7) The MLF President will appoint Conference Representatives.  

 Article 2.4 MLF League Administrator or Staff 

Will serve at the pleasure of the MLF. The MLF prior to any decisions or financial spending by staff must have approval.  Staff and contracts must be approved by the MLF President and announced at the next AGM. 

Article 2.5 MLF Committees 

Committees will be established as needed including but not limited to finance (treasurer) or marketing.  

Article 2.6 National Counsel

The National Counsel will consist of the President, Commissioner, Conference Representatives from each franchise, Treasurer, National Referee Commissioner.  The League President shall keep the League National Counsel advised on decisions affecting the League operations and when appropriate, rely on their advice.    

Chapter 3   Meetings Article 3.1 MLF League Meetings 

The MLF President will chair and designate the site and date of League meeting(s). The League will meet a minimum of once a year. The League will have an open agenda and all teams will be able to submit items for the agenda prior to all League meetings. Meeting minutes will be available to all teams. 

 Article 3.2 MLF Annual General Meeting   

The MLF Commissioner will designate the site and date of the Annual General Meeting. All teams must have representation at the annual general meeting. 

 Article 3.3 MLF Other Meetings 

League committees will meet at the pleasure of the League President, Chairperson or Commissioner.   

Article 3.4 MLF Ratification of Minutes 

Once distributed, discrepancies within the minutes need to be addressed within one week. After one week, the minutes will be automatically ratified.    

Chapter 4   MLF Membership  

Article 4.1 MLF Membership Conditions for New Teams 

MLF Membership conditions will be made available at the time of affiliation with MLF in the Membership Agreement and contracts, signed by the entering team. The treasurer will notify all teams after the non-refundable membership funds have been deposited. Conditions of membership are posted on this website and will be deviated under any circumstance.  The MLF President or chair of the Expansion Committee shall contact a team already existing in the area and determine if there is a conflict.  The League before acceptance into the League may impose special conditions.  Any violation of the conditions can cause the expulsion of the team from the League unless the conditions are rectified.   

Article 4.2 MLF Condition for Termination of Membership 

MLF Team affiliation and membership may be terminated by violation of any of the conditions set forth by the Membership Agreement or Contract or any conditions set forth here is this written document and any blatant disregard for the MLF Constitution or By-laws. Membership may also be terminated if a team is not in good financial standing with the League.  

Article 4.3 MLF Reference to Member Agreement 

Information concerning team specific membership conditions shall be found in the Membership Agreement or Contract signed by the team at the time of admission into the League.  All new and returning teams must submit new Contracts or Agreement by November 1st of every year. 

 Article 4.4 MLF Leave of Absence 

Teams may suspend operations with a leave of absence for up to 1 year. A letter requesting a Leave of Absence must be submitted to the league. 

Article 4.5 MLF Performance/Payment Guarantee  

All new team entries will be approved or disapproved by the League, after reviewing their business plan or other contributing factors. 

Article 4.7 MLF Operation and Finances Franchise Contract

Mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address must be kept current with League.  One (1) person minimum must be available to the League year around.  A substitute contact is highly recommended.  

Commitment to pay all league fees when due. Commitment to pay all team registration, player registration, administrative and insurance fees.  

Chapter 5 MLF Misconduct, Protest, Appeals & Discipline  

Article 5.1 MLF Protest and Appeals 

Filing game protest must be submitted in writing for review, to the League Commissioner who will present it to the National Counsel, within 10 days of the protested game and must include $100, refundable if the protest is awarded. A special National Counsel conference call will be made as soon as possible. 

Any matter is a valid subject for an appeal, except matters of fact that occur on a playing field during a sanctioned match, where the referee is the sole determinant of fact. 

The MLF National Counsel will conduct a hearing, allowing both sides to express their positions. MLF has the right to seek witness and testimony and to interrogate individuals on matters pertaining to the issue. Such hearing process must commence within 30 days of the notification to MLF Director of Operations. 

When its deliberations are complete, the National Counsel will render a judgment to the parties in the appeal. The judgment can be in favor of either side or can be to direct the involved parties to reconsider the issue. The League Commissioner will then prepare a written report to be included in the minutes of the next regular meeting.  

Article 5.2 MLF Disciplinary Powers 

MLF will have the disciplinary power to act on any breach of the By-laws or Laws of the Game. It is the policy of MLF to not permit the appeal process to hinder the efficient functioning of the League and therefore will not entertain trivial or nuisance appeals. Please review the league handbook for details.

Article 5.3 MLF Further Appeal 

Beyond this appeal, either party may appeal directly to MLF according to their rules and regulations. A lawyer shall not represent the person or organization requesting an appeal, and no league, official, team coach, referee, or player (or their representative) may invoke the aid of the Courts of any state or of the United States, without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate MLF organizations. 

5.4 Referee/Player Assault of any legally registered member of MLF

Legally Registered Member is any person participating in any event sponsored by MLF. 

The assigned MLF-JFA referee will immediately report any situation where a player, coach, official or spectator physically assaults a referee/player/staff or any legally registered member of MLF to the MLF Commissioner. A physical assault is defined as any physical contact with the intent to do harm. It is the responsibility of MLF President to determine if assault has occurred, and incidents of presumed or suspected assault will be reported as well as situations where there is direct physical evidence of assault.  This situation can be considered for full discipline in any and all events hosted or sponsored by MLF or any of its affiliate programs, in promotional or actual league play, practices or demonstrations. 

Any act in which physical contact is made with, or is attempted to be made with any legally registered member of MLF in any capacity.  Which contact is intended to cause physical harm, or is reasonable perceived by the official or any reasonable person to be intended to cause physical harm, or places any legally registered member of MLF in fear of imminent physical harm, including but not limited to:

a) striking or attempting to strike; 
b) kicking or attempting to kick; 
c) tripping or attempting to trip; 
d) holding or restraining, or attempting to hold or restrain; 
e) intentionally running into or at; 
f) poking or poking at; 
g) spitting at or on; 
h) throwing or propelling in any way any object (including the ball) capable of injuring the official or damaging property, or degrading the official; 
I) taking, knocking, or dislodging from the official any item in his possession; 
j) any other act which could cause or result injury to any legally registered member of MLF or his/her property if contact was made. 

Any act in which serious physical contact is made, which causes bodily harm or injury to the legally registered member of MLF, or damage or loss of personal property belonging to the legally registered member of MLF, or the property in the custody or control of the legally registered member of MLF. These mentioned acts can be discovered at a later time during routine quality control observations of any and all video tapped event.  If discovered a full investigation will be conducted and disclosed to all legally registered members of MLF.  

Article 5.5 MLF Penalties 

Any player receiving a red card in an MLF regular season game will be suspended for the next league season game and shall pay a fine of $250. Any player receiving a red card in a pre-season or exhibition game will be suspended for the next exhibition game and not the next regular season game. Any player who receives a second red card during the season will be suspended for one game and shall pay a fine of $500. Any player who receives a third red card during the season will be suspended for one game, pay a fine of $1000, and receive additional sanctions by the Commissioner.

Players who receive a second yellow card in a game, and thus a red card, will have the appropriate penalty points of the first yellow card only applied to their point totals but will be fined $200.

a penalty point system has been developed to weight the tactical significance of various yellow cards. Players accumulating 12 penalty points shall be suspended one game and fined $100. Players are suspended and additional game and fined after the accumulation of an additional 12 points and each 12 points thereafter. Each yellow card results in 4 points being accumulated against you this means three yellows equals 12 points.

Suspensions for red card and yellow cards for regular season games will carry over to playoff games. However, point accumulations from yellow cards begin anew in the playoffs. Players accumulating 12 points during the playoffs shall be suspended one game and fined $100. Any suspension for a red card or an accumulation of points during playoff games that would otherwise be served after the team's last league season game will carry over to the first game of the next league season will be fined $200.

Note all Red Card and Yellow Card violations will be posted on the weekly disciplinary page of the Major League Futsal website. 

  • Assault: A minimum suspension of (6) six months to a maximum of (5) five years.
  • Violent Assault: A minimum suspension of (2) years to a maximum of (20) twenty years.
  • In all circumstances any intentional assault by one person on another person/s in the scope of an official MLF event.  Shall be reported to the local authorities and a full report shall be filled with such authorities.     

Article 5.6 MLF Reporting 

It shall be the responsibility of the assigned MLF referee in any match in which an assault occurs to any legally registered member of MLF. Such report shall be in writing and shall contain a detailed statement on the conduct constituting the assault. Such report shall be mailed within (48) forty-eight hours of the incident. The player card of the offending player shall be included with the report mailed to MLF. 

MLF Director of Operations shall immediately upon receipt forward the report to the League. The MLF President and Commissioner shall conduct a hearing among the MLF Advisory Board only to determine if the report in fact describes an incident constituting an assault legally registered member of MLF justifying further Board action. If no such action is justified the player card shall be immediately returned to the player. If no threshold determination is made within (21) twenty-one days of the incident the player card must be immediately returned to the player and no further action taken against the player. If a majority of the members determine that further action is justified, then a hearing shall be scheduled as set forth below. The threshold hearing may be conducted by telephone or in any manner deemed reasonable by MLF Board. 

Article 5.7 MLF Disciplinary Hearing 

Should the National Counsel determine that a disciplinary hearing is necessary, then a hearing shall be scheduled within (45) forty-five days of the alleged incident. The hearing must be held within the geographic area served by the affiliate conducting the match in which the incident occurred. The officials involved and the players shall be notified of the time, place, and purpose of the hearing.  

Either may bring to the hearing such witnesses as they fell might be relevant. The hearing may be conducted in any manner deemed reasonable by the chairman. Both the official and the player shall be allowed to present their versions of the events allegedly constituting the assault. The National Counsel shall first determine whether an assault occurred, and if so, what level of assault. If the National Counsel determines that an assault occurred, the National Counsel shall then assess such penalties within the guide lines set forth herein, as the National Counsel deems appropriate.    

Article 5.8 MLF Team Suspension & Expulsion 

The MLF President or Commissioner, after consultation with the National Counsel, has the power to suspend or expel teams.   

 Article 5.9 MLF Team Disputes 

Disputing teams may take part in the National Counsel discussion, but may not vote on the resolution. 


 BY-LAWS OF Major League Futsal USA (MLF) ©


Law A League   MLF Law A1 By-Laws  

The Constitution and By-Laws will govern the operations of MLF. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, changed, deleted or have new language adopted by a majority of the teams in good standing. Any changes not written can be made by a majority of teams of good standing. 

Law A2 Laws of the Game 

All games under the jurisdiction of the League shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations recognized by the League. Playing Rules of the League shall be those adopted by the most recent FIFUSA rule book except for those exceptions listed herein. 

Law A3 MLF Playing Season 

  • The official playing season of the League shall start no sooner than March 1st, and end no later than July 25th. Reserve division teams can play limited games within the league.  

Law A4 MLF Cup Playoffs (CP)

All CP Games shall be under the control and supervision of MLF. 

Law A5 MLF Cup Finals and Playoffs 

Each team that advances to the MLF Cup semi-finals and proceeds into the quarter finals and final must submit a deposit to the MLF to hold their spot in the MLF playoffs. This fee will be determined and managed at the MLF.

The team that wins its Division may be required to play another Division winner or a team within their division to determine the representative in the MLF Cup.  A team will not be considered for the MLF Cup unless all league dues are current within four weeks of the start of the MLF Cup. 

The non-winners of the MLF Cup semifinals may play a consolation match the next day. Consolation match rules shall be as follows:

a. the consolation match shall be scheduled at least 4 hours prior to the MLF Cup Finals.

b. Prior to the start of the match, if a consolation match is delayed more than 30 minutes due to unseen issues then the match shall be postponed. The referees shall determine whether a match is fit for play.

c. After a match has been started, if a consolation match is delayed and referees cannot resume the match within 30 minutes then the match shall end and the current score shall be recorded as the official final score.

d. Should a consolation match end in a tie in regulation time then the match shall immediately be decided by penalty kicks.

e. League officials shall have the authority to alter any and all circumstances of a consolation match to ensure that the playing court is available for the MLF Cup finalists one hour before kickoff. 

Law A5.1 Location of MLF Cup

The league office shall set the dates and times of the MLF Cup matches. The league office shall have the authority to change the game time of the MLF Cup finals.      

Law A5.2 Travel Arrangements for MLF Cup  

Once a team advances to the MLF Cup, the team must submit to the league within 24 hours, their travel confirmation for the tournament. If the advancing team fails to submit the travel confirmation or cannot attend the tournament, the runner up from that regional conference division will be considered to participate in the event. 

Law A6 MLF Tie in Standings 

In case of a tie in the Final League Standings the following tiebreaker will be used. Note any team in this situation will be involved in a full audit to ensure that all criteria is met, finances, scheduled games played etc. before the following rules can be applied. 

1) Head to head record between the teams.

2) Goal difference between the teams.

3) Goal difference within the Division.

4) Most goals scored within League.

5) Least goals scored against within League.

6) Tiebreaker to be determined by a coin toss. 

Law A7 MLF Game Ball

The home team must provide the referee with at least Five (5) game balls prior to the kickoff. The referee will return all game balls to the home team upon completion of the game. 

Every team must submit to the league what type of game balls they will be using by April 15th.  

Law A8 MLF Substitutions 

Each team will be allowed only 12 players on the game day roster Substitutions are unlimited and may be allowed on any dead ball situation with the referee's instruction. 


Law A11.1 MLF Regional Flexibility 

1. Propose schedule deadlines to the League office

2. Conference calls/meetings

3. Submit schedule to League for approval

4. Financial arrangements not in conflict with the MLF Constitution 

However, if any of the decisions will affect the entire league financially or otherwise, the entire league must approve the decision. 

Law A12 MLF League Schedule 

The schedule is the ultimate responsibility of MLF. The league schedule, once issued by the league office and posted on the official MLF website, shall not be changed without the consent of the League. Teams must have their MLF regular season game dates, times and venues submitted to the League no later than 75 days prior to the start of their region’s first official league game. 

The schedule posted on the MLF website is the official schedule. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure the schedule posted on the league website is accurate. NO change in the league schedule will be considered without a completed game change request sent to the League office with signatures/acceptance from both team representatives involved in the reschedule and appropriate rescheduling fees paid by the requesting team. See fee schedule below.  Rescheduling Fee’s 1 Week prior to original schedule game $1000 2-3 Weeks prior to original schedule game $150 4-6 Weeks prior to original schedule game $75 7-9 Weeks prior to original schedule game $25 10+ Weeks prior to original schedule game $0 

If an MLF match has been assigned referees and a team reschedules the match less than 72 hours prior to the original schedule, then the rescheduling team must pay the fees for the assigned crew prior to a reschedule being granted. If the date, time or venue of an MLF match is changed less than 72 hours prior to the original schedule then the team accepting the change may be granted monetary damages upon proof submitted and approved by the League office.  

An attempt to reschedule a MLF match will be considered a forfeit.  

If a venue is closed (due to "acts of God" or circumstances beyond control) the league must receive notice in writing, a statement of closure from the facility owner immediately after closure and the rescheduling fee may be refunded. 

A team may not schedule a Sunday game later than 3pm if the road team is traveling more than 200 miles or the visiting team approves of a time change.

No team may schedule an event with the approval of the MLF front office.


Law A13 MLF Cancellations 

The cancellation procedure is as follows: 

No game may be canceled prior to the scheduled date unless both teams and the Director of Operations and MLF Commissioner agree. If a venue is closed (due to "acts of God" or circumstances beyond control) the league must receive notice in writing, a statement of closure from the facility owner immediately after closure. The MLF Commissioner, MLF Conference Reps, and Director of Operations will determine on a case-by- case basis whether or not a game is considered a cancellation or a forfeit. Any postponed game must be re- schedule within 72 hours. If all possible attempts to get the game rescheduled fail, then that played game score will be reported as 0-0.

Authority to Delay or Postpone a MLF Match 

Once in progress, a match may be delayed or postponed due to unfavorable weather and/or other adverse conditions beyond the control of the participating teams, which would make the playing of the match impractical or dangerous. Only the referee and either the MLF President or Commissioner or Conference Reps has the authority to delay or postpone a scheduled match.  

If a match needs to be terminated and the first half has been completed, the match will count as a complete and official match. If a match is terminated prior to completion of the first half, the teams must contact the League Commissioner to discuss a reschedule date. 

Grace Period Before Abandoning a Match 

Unless both teams and the referee agree to an alternate plan, teams must wait at least thirty minutes before abandoning a match that has been delayed. The thirty-minute grace period may be extended, up to a maximum of one hour from the time the match is delayed, if there is a likelihood of resuming the match that day. Because of the cost and difficulty of rescheduling, every attempt should be made to continue the match. 

No match will be continued after the one hour waiting period without the approval of the League Commissioner or Conference Reps. 

Law A14 MLF No Shows/Forfeit/Abandoning Ongoing Match 

A No-show is when a team willfully does not appear at a game without a specific agreement approved by the League Commissioner. The penalties for a No-show are as follows: 

1. A 3-0 loss, a League fine of $2500.00.

2. Justified compensation to opponent of up to $2500.00 to be determined by the League. Opponent may seek no additional compensation.

3. All fines and fees must be paid within 7 days. If fines and fees are not paid within 7 days, the League may consider options on continued play in the League.

4. A club may be expelled from the league if it accumulates two No-shows within one season.

5. A club that qualifies to participate in the MLF Cup Finals to represent their division and decides to not attend the finals, will receive a fine of $2500 to be paid by the finish of the league season.  Failure to pay this fine will result in the said franchise being revoked permanently. 

6. A club that abandons a Match before the match officially ends is in violation of a direct forfeit at a more serious level, and will be fined up to $2500 by the league.   


Law A14 MLF No Shows/Forfeit cont. 

A team unable to attend a scheduled game because of an accident, weather or Act of God should immediately notify the opponent and the league office. The Conference Reps will review each situation and a decision rendered. The Conference Reps and League Commissioner may give consideration in situations where the opponent has been given at least five days’ notice of an impending No-show. The Conference Reps and League Commissioner may also give consideration if an opponent shows up with at least seven players prepared to play and the team has given the opponent and League office advanced notice of this situation.  A team may use players registered with a local MLF team unless they are starters for that team. 

Law A14.1   MLF Non Performance of Home Team 

In the event the visiting team is present at the venue and the home team is unable to provide a venue or fails to show up at the scheduled venue and time, and the game is unable to be played within an hour of the game time, all sanctions in Law A14 apply, except for compensation, which will be, the greater of $1000.00 or actual travel costs incurred by the road team for that particular game. This law does not apply if a facility owner, due to weather or an Act of God, closes a facility. 

The dues are for the operation of the League and are due by deadlines established by the League Office. If a team is 60 days past due on payment, then the League may apply sanctions.  Prompt payment will be a consideration for acceptance into the league for the following year. 

Law B2 MLF Other Fees 

Each team is responsible for league fees and costs, including but not limited to: 

  • Venue Liability Insurance
  • Player Registration
  • Annual rate determined at the AGM
  • Media Guide by Home Teams
  • Game Day Programs by Home Teams
  • Referee Fees by Home Teams
  • Travel Expenses
  • Pro to Amateur status fee
  • Patches
  • League banners   


Law B3 MLF Roster 

All registered players must be listed on the team's roster web page and approved by the Treasurer and Registrar 72 hours prior to game. 

A maximum of 12 players may dress for games (this is the game day roster). 

As a courtesy, the visiting team shall submit a proposed roster to the home team by noon Thursday prior to the game. The home team will produce a game day publication including both team rosters at all league games. 

The League Commissioner will decide on whether or not to allow player loans. Only players that are not considered starters may be loaned. 

Rosters will be frozen Twenty (20) days before the start of the MLF Championship Tournament, unless the team has no chance of making the playoffs. The League Registrar must approve all roster moves after the roster freeze deadline. 

Law B4 MLF Conduct & Appearance of Team Bench Personnel 

Professional conduct and attire is required of all personnel on the team bench. Abusive language will not be tolerated. Minimum dress code to venue by players and coaches will include dress shirt and tie. From venue players can be dressed in team warm ups, while coaches and staff must be in dress shirt and tie.

Law B5 MLF Bench Requirements 

Absolutely no one but players on the Team Roster, Coaches, Managers and Medical Staff will be permitted in the bench area. All bench players not on the court must have on a team penny.

Law B6 MLF Game Day Reports 

Prior to the start of the game, the home team representative shall provide the referee with a MLF game form listing the registered players participating in the game. Referees shall report to the league the results of the game, the goal(s) scorer(s), the time of the goal(s), assists and list any cards which may have been issued- any violations of rules and regulations by either team or their team officials, must be included. The referees will also be required to fill out the referee information section on the Game Report for each game indicating whether they have been paid. The home team is responsible for submitting this information to the league immediately after a game by calling in the results to MLF Score line at 623-341-4583. 

The home team must email Game Reports to the MLF office by noon of the following Monday. The home team may assign a person to sit with the 4th official and assist with the Game Report. Game Reports need to be checked by both teams and signed AFTER the game. By signing the Game Report, the team agrees that it is correct. 

Law B6.1 MLF Travel Information Sheet 

No less than five days prior to a MLF match, each team will be required to fax or email each opponent a road team information sheet or home team information sheet, whichever is applicable.  The following information shall be furnished: 

Date, time, venue of match, uniform color, game day roster, an emergency contact number, mode of transportation, estimated time of arrival, and any minimum standards lacking. Teams must obtain approval from MLF to travel and play internationally.   


Law B7 MLF Disbanding 

In the event a team, by disbanding or for any other reason, withdraws from the league without finishing its scheduled games the following regulations will take effect: 

1) If at least half of the full schedule of games has been played, all resulting scores shall stand as validated by the League. 2) The remaining games not played shall be credited to the opponents, as scheduled with the scores adjusted to an equitable basis so as not to impact a playoff race. 3) If less than one-half of the full schedule of games has been played, the resulting scores of the games played shall be canceled. 

4) If a team is suspended or expelled, players may be transferred by filling out a Transfer Form and paying a $20 transfer fee.  After the start of the season, a registered player must notify his team before contacting any other team. 

Law B10 MLF Uniforms 

Each franchise will pick its uniform kit from three pre-selected by the league and Admiral Sports.  Each team must have two full sets of complete uniforms, each set being identical.  They must contain numbers on the back of jersey (at least 8" high).  Numbers can start from 00 and go through 99.  Each set must have official MLF patch logos located on the left outer shoulder and official NAFF Federation patch logos located on the puter right shoulder.  Home team chooses colors and informs visiting team of choice.  All uniforms must have a 3" or 4" number on the shorts or front of jersey. The MLF logo and name must be prominently placed on all team garments used for practice and lounge wear (silk screen is fine).

LAW B10.1 Official MLF Fan Gear 

Only official MLF Fan Gear purchased from the authorized dealer is authorized for sale, all official MLF gear shall be developed/created and sold online or in person by an authorized MLF dealer. MLF reserves the right to vendor its official merchandise at any sanction MLF event.  Any copycat or pirated items sold by any unlicensed vendor or party will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  MLF reserves the right to sell league apparel at any MLF sanctioned event.     

Law B10.2 Official Game Ball

MLF may designate an official game ball either by promotion or for promotional events, the official game ball will be used for all MLF events and will be prominently displayed at all times.

Law B10.3 MLF Embellishments Advertisements and Promotion

3.1 MLF logos shall be prominently displayed on all garments associated with all franchises, support groups and affiliated programs who benefit from their association with the MLF. Any garments worn by any franchise staff, players or support groups shall be seen as illegitimate. Teams who show up to participate in sanction MLF event without proper embellishments will be turned away from the event.    

3.2 All MLF sanctioned events will display the name, brand and logos of MLF on all advertisements, banners, garments and social media press release or promotional videos.  MLF shall never be omitted from any relevant advertisements regarding league functions, this includes any and all programs youth or adult associated or not associated with MLF. Stating reasons as such: your status as a legitimate professional futsal program has been awarded to you and sanctioned by the MLF.  Therefor MLF reserves the right to be promoted at all franchise functions do to your professional affiliation. At no time shall any franchise of MLF advertise any competitor league under any circumstances. Any franchise found to be in violation of this section shall be terminated without due process.

 3.3 Official Major League Futsal Merchandising Policy

Policy Purpose

Major League Futsal trademarks and vendor licensing program exists to protect the name, logos, marks and trademarks of Major League Futsal, as well as to enhance the image of the league by authorizing the use of its marks on high-quality and tasteful merchandise and apparel. The program also exists to ensure that Major League Futsal receives appropriate commercial value for the use of its trademarks and logos as well as to actively enforce any unauthorized or inappropriate use utilizing federal laws prohibiting piracy and other forms of illegal copy write infringements.

General Requirements

To help maintain a consistent and positive image, Major League Futsal requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain these products from a vendor or manufacturer who is licensed with Major League Futsal trough a licensing agent under contract with Major League Futsal. This licensing agent is approved and will be under strict guidelines through Major League Futsal. Approval through Major League Futsal is required before any vendor may produce product(s) of any nature displaying the Major League Futsal indicia, regardless of the distribution method. 

Authorization Policy for MLF Franchises and Departments 

All Major League Futsal franchises and recognized affiliates are required to obtain prior approval to use the indicia (i.e. names, marks, logos, seals and/or symbols) of Major League Futsal in any commercial or non-commercial venture. Internal Major League Futsal departments are also required to purchase Major League Futsal merchandise from officially-licensed vendors approved by Major League Futsal.

Requests for approval normally fall into two categories:

  • Royalty Required
  • Royalty Exempt

Royalty Required

Any items being sold or resold bearing the Major League Futsal trademarks for any of the following purposes constitutes commercial use:

  • Sales to individual customers
  • Sales at any event where an official MLF team or player may be involved in actual play or for demonstration clinics, camps, appearances.  
  • Sales for fundraising projects (a higher royalty will be assessed if the item includes the use of a commercial sponsor's name or logo on a licensed product)
  • Sales of items carrying a commercial message, sponsor or endorsement (regardless of size)
  • Items used as promotional marketing for an event
  • Items given away at conferences, workshops, clinics or camps that require a registration fee and the price of the item has been included in the fee
  • Items used as giveaways to attendees of special events, booster activities, or for use as fundraisers.

Royalty Exempt

Royalty exemptions include the following:

  • Items restricted to an internal audience (members of an office, department or student recognized organization) and are used as a "uniform".
  • Items must be purchased with departmental funds.
  • If above item is sold to the internal audience, it must be sold at cost to qualify for royalty exemption.
  • Items such as banners and signs without endorsements, commercial messages or sponsors unless a company is a corporate sponsor of Major League Futsal and trademark usage is specified in the sponsorship agreement.

Law B10.4 Sponsorships

Notice for sponsors and franchises unitizing this our program:

  • For Exclusive MLF League Naming Rights and league sponsorship opportunities please contact the Major League Futsal front office.
  • All sponsorship's listed are for individual teams only.
  • All franchise sponsorship's must be negotiated by Major League Futsal to ensure quality of services from the sponsoring company and the individual franchise.
  • Interested sponsors can pick their team or teams to sponsor.
  • In-Kind and trade proposal: please include a description and estimated value of your barter with this form. In Kind sponsorship's and evaluations are subject to league approval.

Law B11 MLF Non-payment of Professional Players by Professional Teams 

A Professional Team, including all their associated business entities, will be fined and expelled from the MLF if there is failure to pay the contractual agreement between the team and the professional players within 90 days of the end of the season or their contract end date.  

Law C Players Law C1 MLF Amateur and Professional 

An amateur player is any person other than a professional player. 

A professional player is a person who currently receives payment for playing soccer and/or who signs a professional form of the MLF. 

An amateur player may not receive and retain any remuneration for playing except expenses directly related to a game or games that have actually been incurred by the player. 


Law C1 MLF Amateur and Professional cont. 

An amateur player may participate as a member of an amateur team against professional athletes or professional teams. 

An amateur player may participate with a professional on a team, provided the professional is not being paid by a professional team or league to play as a member of that team (e.g., summer soccer leagues with teams composed of both professional and amateur athletes). 

Law C1. a MLF Free Agent

MLF Recognizes a Free Agent as player who is eligible to sign with any club or franchise, i.e. not under contract to any specific team. The term is also used in reference to a player who was under contract but has been formally released by a franchise. In some circumstances, the free agent's options are limited by league rules.

Unrestricted Free Agent

Unrestricted agents are players without a team. They have either been released from their club, had the term of their contract expire without a renewal, or were not chosen in a league's draft of amateur players. These players, generally speaking, are free to entertain offers from all other teams and to decide with whom to sign a new contract.

Restricted free agent

Commonly referred to as the "Designated Franchise Player" in MLF, only FIVE allowed per professional team each year. The specific rules of restricted free agency according to MLF means that a player is free to solicit offers from other teams for new contracts. However, before this player is allowed to sign with the new club, the current club has a chance to match (or come within 10% in some leagues) the terms of the new contract in which case the player must remain with the original team. In MLF, if the original team decides not to match the other team's offer for the restricted free agent, the new team provides some number of draft selections to the original team as compensation for losing the player.

UN-drafted Free Agent

Players who are not drafted in a league's annual draft of amateur players are considered to be unrestricted free agents and are free to sign contracts with any team. In MLF players are drafted by sequentially aligning each team from worst to best (according to the teams' records in the immediately preceding season alone, sometimes with a draft lottery factor to avoid having teams intentionally lose their last games to gain higher draft position) and allowing said teams to claim rights to the top players entering the league that year. Players that pass through an entire draft (usually several rounds) without being selected by any of the league's teams become unrestricted free agents, and these players are sometimes identified simply as an undrafted free agent or undrafted sportsperson and are free to sign with any team they choose.

Law C1. b MLF Super-Draft

The MLF Super-Draft will be an annual event, taking place in February of each year, in which the teams of Major League Futsal USA select players who have graduated from college or otherwise been cleared by MLF during scheduled league combines. Each combine will be designed to create a bone-a-fide list of professional futsal players.  The MLF Super draft will be instituted in 2016, the draft will be divided into four rounds in which each club has a selection, the order of which is determined by a combination of the teams' playoff and regular season positions, with the last placed team (or new expansion teams) getting the first pick.

The reason for the MLF Super-Draft is to fill new expansion clubs as the league continues to grow and fill out its divisions.  With three divisions each staffing 20+ teams, the need for the MLF Super-Draft will become instrumental in filling the gap.  The goal is to establish three professional levels governed by the adopted Promotion and Relegation System, with teams moving up or down based on performance.

Eligible players

The MLF Super-Draft will be open for all domestic and international players.

Rules of Draft Selection

The draft process for the MLF Super-Draft closely resembles other drafts in the professional soccer world.

  1. Any expansion club automatically gets the first pick; should there be two expansion teams, a coin toss determines who picks first in the MLF Super-Draft and who picks first in the expansion draft.
  2. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.
  3. Teams that made the MLF playoffs are then ordered by which round of the playoffs they are eliminated.
  4. The MLF National Champions are given the last selection, and the losers the penultimate selection.
  5. Remaining ties are broken by the goal differential, goals scored, goals conceded, and then the flip of a coin.



Draft picks

Non-playoff clubs


Eliminated in knockout round


Eliminated in conference semifinals


Eliminated in conference championships


MLF Nat’l Cup finalist


MLF Nat’l Cup winner


Law C2 Foreign Player Status (International Clearance)  

Any player coming or returning to the MLF from outside the United States must obtain proper international clearance with applicable rules of the Major League Futsal USA and AMF.       

Player who has gone to train or play overseas and registered with that country’s federation is considered a foreign player.  Each team is responsible for their team’s eligibility  

Law C3 MLF Participation 

Players may participate in any competition under the jurisdiction of the League provided that they are duly registered in accordance with the regulations contained herein. 

Law C4 MLF Registration 

An eligible player is one properly registered with the League, and not under suspension. A youth player, (that is one who has not attained the age of eighteen prior to August 1 of the current year) registered as such with the MLF, will be permitted to play after having obtained the appropriate permission, eligibility clearance, etc., as required by the State Youth Association. Valid registration for players will be from September 1 of the current year through August 31st of the following year. 

All players must also sign a separate indemnification form (waiver), as well as, all coaches and team personnel.  The team will have the responsibility to have these on file with a copy sent to the league office. 

Player registration fees must be received before registration forms are processed.  The player passes will be emailed to the team and each team will adhere a photo, have the players sign pass, and laminate the cards. 

Law C5 MLF Player Pass 

Every player must have a current MLF player pass. MLF player passes shall be presented to the referee prior to the game. If no pass is presented, player(s) must show some proof of identification (with picture), and the game may be played under protest, subject to verification by the League office when available. 

Law C5.1 MLF Registrar 

The MLF Registrar will be appointed by the MLF Commissioner and will maintain records of all players and teams participating under the sanction of the MLF. The Registrar shall report to MLF such portions of that record by the rules of MLF. The Registrar shall determine the eligibility of players and teams.  The issuance of a player pass does not in itself constitute that a player is eligible to play in a MLF match. 

Law C5.2 MLF Player Registration 

The purpose of player registration is to limit access to participation in sanctioned games of Futsal to those who show respect for and abide by the laws of the game and the rules of MLF.  MLF shall make rules and establish procedures and fees for issuance of player registration cards. No person can be denied issuance of a player registration card on the bases of race, color, age, creed or national origin. Player registration cards remain the property of MLF and must be surrendered upon request under the rules of competition of MLF.


Law C5.2 MLF Player Registration cont. 

At the minimum, the player registration form must include the player date of birth, full name, signature, ID number, address, and phone number. The player registration card must indicate the date of birth and the full name of the individual. It must also have a current photo, signature and ID number.  The Registrar will post all eligible players on the team website.  The Registrar will determine the submission deadline for the weekend games. 

A player's registration must be submitted to the League Registrar at least 72 hours before the team's next game in order to be eligible to play.  Expedite fee of $100 will be applied if player card is needed within the 72 hours.  The roster on the team's webpage will be updated after each approved player registration. 

Law C6 MLF Illegal Player 

An illegal player is a player not properly registered with MLF and does not appear on the Team Roster. A team using an illegal player shall forfeit 3-0 all games illegal player(s) plays

Law C7 MLF Player Transfers, Loaned Players, Player Releases, Loaned Franchises and Illegal Recruiting. 

MLF will recognize the annual registration as fully valid by each player and staff for any and all franchises to from November 1st to October 31st, a player or staff shall not sign for another team within the MLF until the team's current managing director of record properly releases him from his former team. No team shall approach a player who is registered with another team within the Division without the consent of his team. A player desiring his release shall apply to his team and according to MLF rules must be released if he has met all the conditions set forth here. In the event that he is refused, he may bring the matter to the attention of the League with reasons stated. Any player withholding property of the team of which she was last a member of shall not be eligible for release or transfer. 

1) The Player - Player may terminate their registration with a team after meeting the above conditions. 

2) The Team - Team may terminate the Player Contract at any time for any reason, including but not limited to, player's performance and violation of team rules, upon written notice to player. Upon such termination all of the rights obligations of team and player here under shall terminate, provided that team actions are in accordance with MLF. 

3) Any MLF team contacted by a player must inform the player to contact his own team and ask to be released or transferred. Also, the team contacted shall notify the manager of the player's team. 

4) At no time will it be allowed that a representative from a registered MLF team to contact a player or staff member that is registered with a valid MLF program or team.  If this violation occurs and a complaint is filled with MLF, due process will take place and for that duration of due process that representative, player and staff member or franchise will be suspended and cannot participate in any MLF events.  

5) Loaned Players: MLF considers any player currently playing in the MLF professional season for a registered pro MLF franchise to be off limits to any outside program professional or amateur in any form of soccer fashioned.  MLF considers all MLF registered players to be a protected product and provide a service of value to the MLF, and as such cannot be solicited for their services without the express consent of the MLF front office.  If this occurs formal legal action may be pursued. If a professional or amateur program of MLF desires to loan a player registered and contracted by the MLF program to an outside program for services, the MLF program can request a loan payment be made to the said franchise in the amount desired for such services not to exceed $5k USD. This agreement will be managed by the MLF front office and a special loaned player contract will be created and signed by both the MLF franchise owners or general managers and the outside program directors or general managers, for the specific dates outlined on the contract.  It is advised to all franchise owners to refrain from allowing registered MLF players from participation in outside events without first securing this special loaned player contract agreement. Once a registered MLF player participates in a non MLF event without this contract in place, the MLF player has decided to waive their MLF rights to lawful representation and is operating as an independent contractor that player is no longer covered by the MLF insurance program or national office and is considered a breach of contract.               

6) Official Transfer of a player: To legally transfer a player MLF has formed a Transfer Window for all MLF franchises to follow.  The official Transfer Window will be scheduled for an eight-week period from December 1st to January 31st, with an additional short Transfer Window in the middle of each season lasting for one month or four weeks in August. The official Transfer Player Form must be filled out and signed by the appropriate persons, a $100 processing fee made out to MLF must be paid in full and the form must be received and signed by the League Registrar before the player will be allowed to transfer and have any part in any activity of the future players club/program.  Any Franchise not adhering to this official ruling will be subject to penalties and fines.  Any player not adhering to this official ruling is subject to penalties and fines along with league suspensions.  The transferred player once transferred must complete a new player registration form and pay the registration form fee of $25 for the new club membership even if one was already done for the previous club. 

Please contact MLF if you are considering entering the transfer window. Clubs and players entering will be announced to all MLF franchises. /

Any franchise interested in the transfer of a player to or from their franchise can charge or be charged the amount not to exceed $5000 U.S.D. as a transfer fee. This transaction will be handled by MLF it cannot be done in a private business deal, and must be monitored throughout the transfer process. 

(7) Franchises participating in non MLF events: MLF considers any Franchise currently under contract with the MLF to be off limits to any outside program professional or amateur in any form of soccer fashioned.  MLF considers all MLF contracted franchises to be a protected product of MLF and provide a service of value to the MLF, and as such cannot be solicited for their services without the express consent of the MLF front office nor can they apply to participate in any outside events without the express consent of MLF, if this occurs formal legal action may be pursued. If a professional or amateur program of MLF desires to participate in an outside program for services, the MLF program can request a special permission to participate.  A special agreement will be managed by the MLF front office and a special contract will be created and signed by both the MLF franchise owners or general managers and the outside program directors or general managers, for the specific dates outlined on the contract.  It is advised to all franchise owners to refrain from participation in outside events without first securing this special contract if an MLF Franchise participates in a non MLF event without this contract in place, it will be considered a breach of contract and the franchise will be penalized.  It is considered a conflict of interest for any MLF Franchise to participate in any event not sanctioned by MLF.  At the present time authorized events are any Futsal event authorized and endorsed by the MLF or AMF.  

(8) MLF Illegal Recruiting of player’s staff and franchises: No current member of MLF shall attempt to recruit any registered member of MLF, for the purposes of participation in any non-MLF event, league or appearances. This includes members who are currently in season or who have disbanded or withdrew from MLF.                     

LAW C7.1 Solidarity 

MLF will observe and support the Solidarity system, where by players developed by a youth academy or youth club, former reserve squad or professional squad can receive a monetary compensation payout for the transfer and purchase of such player to a higher level.  Where by the programs mentioned had or is having a direct influence on such player’s development and eventual success.  This monetary amount is subject to negotiation between each party. MLF will back and support each franchise requesting solidarity for a former player, and will provide legal representation and documentation of such player/franchise affiliation. 

Law C8 MLF Insurance 

MLF negotiates a secondary player and staff optional medical insurance program through the AAU. This partnership with the AAU is an important part of the structure of our league, the AAU is a nationally recognized sports entity located in the United States.  This insurance program provides personal and venue liability insurance will and should be obtained by every franchise owner. This insurance program is only valid while in use in the U.S. only and while participation takes place in an official scheduled MLF event.  International players and staff are also covered while in the U.S.  Events scheduled outside the MLF schedule are not considered valid unless the proper channels are followed and permission from MLF is obtained and the event is cleared by the MLF front office. Mexico and Canada will have to obtain a separate insurance program in order to rent facilities.  Although not covered in Mexico and Canada players and staff from these or any other country are covered in events hosted on U.S. soil. 

C 8.1 Clearing Non Sanctioned MLF Events

To clear a non-sanctioned MLF event for MLF teams and players to participate in such event proper channels must be followed. Not following this policy can result in the forfeit of your insurance coverage and league contract.  

  • MLF must be contacted at least two weeks prior to event and notified of the wish to participate in a non-sanctioned event this includes hosting your own non sanctioned event.
  • A representative from the non-sanctioned event must contact MLF and provide the logistics for the non-sanctioned event.
  • The franchise owner is responsible to have all players and staff members must sign a release and waiver form holding MLF not responsible for participation in non-sanctioned events.
  • A physical examination of all players and staff must be provided to MLF upon request from MLF after the completion of participation in a non-sanction event.
  • No franchise will allow their team or players from their team/s to participate in a non-sanctioned event with the express consent of MLF. This is to protect MLF, your franchise and to avoid false claims regarding injuries that are obtained in non-sanction MLF events. This includes weekend or local leagues, tournaments, practices, clinics or any other situation where a registered MLF player or staff is in active participation with a non-registered MLF player or staff. Failure to follow this guideline can result in your coverage being forfeited by AAU and MLF.     

Law C9 MLF Player Risks and Responsibility 

Each MLF player shall assume all risks and shall sign the official MLF release of liability waiver, and accepts responsibilities and liabilities for loss, damage, injury or death to herself while engaged as a player for a team or a representative team of the League. It is the player's responsibility to have a primary health care plan the leagues secondary insurance plan kicks in when the primary insurance plan of the player falls short of all coverage.  All players must also submit a complete sports physical examination from a respected heath care provider prior to any involvement in any professional franchise team, in order for the league to maintain its minimum standards and liability. Each player recognized and under official contract to play at the professional level of MLF will be classified as an independent contractor and liable for all risks. All professional level players must have an official player contract on file with the front office of MLF stipulating your agreement with a specific club.

LAW C9.1 Workers Compensation due to injury

All professional franchise owners who currently have active players under contract as independent contractors should make themselves aquatinted with the compensation laws off their state. Franchise owners should make sure to follow all the registration and contractual requirements put forth by MLF to ensure equal and fair treatment of all players and franchise owners, and to secure such programs for longevity. Regard this as proper notification to all participants of MLF. 


Law C10 MLF National Select Team 

MLF National Select teams shall be determined at the AGM or by the League National Counsel at a Conference meeting.  The goal of MLF is to financially support all National teams, it's players and staff.  No out of pocket money source is needed, as all players will be selected and supported as a league representative. 

Players will be selected for the MLF National Select Team by qualifying through player qualifications.

  • All Players must be active MLF Players registered in an active MLF franchise.
  • Players must be free or have never been carded for any circumstance.
  • Players must be fully committed to MLF advancement.
  • Players must be available for the entire tournament.  

Regular season statistics will not be affected or enhanced by the playoffs.  The playoff and season statistics will be separate. MLF believes it is an honor to be asked to referee a playoff or championship match.  Referee selection will be determined by your season performance and not the book accreditation you may possess. MLF will do their best to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between any club and the referee crew selected. If a conflict does occur, it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Law C11 MLF League Recognition 

MLF shall select a Coach of the Year.  The regions will select their Coaches of the Year.  The Director of Operations will select a team in the regions who have displayed exceptional management during the season. 

Law D MLF Referees Law D1 Registration 

1.1 To begin in 2017 only currently registered and certified MLF Futsal referees shall officiate league-scheduled games.   

MLF does not pay for referee travel expenses like flights, hotel food.  It is the responsibility of each club to secure and properly trained MLF Futsal home referee crew to be used for all matches.  If no home referee crew is available, then the closest referee crew available may be scheduled to referee you home match. Only if this circumstance arises a modest agreement with the visiting referee crew can be reached to help supplement their travel expenses.  

MLF does not differentiate fees between regular season and payoffs or championships.     

Other match time personnel:

  • One Time Keeper (can be non-referee crew and a volunteer position)
  • One Court Manager (can be non-referee crew should be host club general manager or staff)

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