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About our Youth Academy

About Major League Fustal Youth Academy

We are the ONLY active futsal federation in the world that is solely focused on junior futsal and the needs of junior programs everywhere. We're run by junior club directors for junior clubs. ALL of our resources go back into junior programming. We need our members to make sure that we are speaking for all clubs. Our members speak for the largest body of athletes in the world  – the junior players.

We are the leaders and forward thinkers in Junior Futsal programs and we are a voice for junior clubs - your programs and your needs. Our number one goal is to help your junior club programs and events thrive. All MLF Youth Academy profits go back into member resources and benefits.

Social Media:

MLF Youth Academy recognizes the importance of the Internet in shaping public thinking about our organization and our current and potential services. We also recognize the importance of our employees joining in and helping shape industry conversation and direction through interaction in social media. MLF Youth Academy is committed to supporting honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue on the Internet through social media.

Shared values that we live by as an organization and as individuals:

LEADERSHIP: The courage to shape a better future;
COLLABORATION: Leveraging our collective genius;
INTEGRITY: Being real;
ACCOUNTABILITY: Recognizing that if it is to be, it's up to me;
PASSION: Showing commitment in heart and mind;
DIVERSITY: Being as inclusive as our brands; and
QUALITY: Ensuring what we do, we do well.

These Online Social Media Principles are intended to outline how these values should be demonstrated in the online social media space and to guide your participation in this area, both when you are participating personally, as well as when you are acting on behalf of the Organization.


By joining together, junior club directors can develop an organized group of small business leaders to lobby for improvement and better representation at the regional and national level. This type of effort will allow all clubs, both large and small, to be working partners with their regional and national leadership. MLF Youth Academy feels strongly that since the junior community is the overwhelming source of funding for both the regional, national and world organizations, it should have a fair voice in the governance of those organizations. As partners, MLF Youth Academy recognizes and supports the effort to bring all of the key organizations in the sport together. By forming a unified front, the junior community can help lead the way in the development, promotion and marketing of our sport.


MLF Youth Academy is committed to expanding the grassroots movement for Futsal to bring more players to the sport at the younger levels. While Futsal might be popular in stand-alone programs it has been far outpaced by sports such as soccer and softball at the club level. To reverse this trend, we will be working with MLF Youth Academy to develop a training and competition model that will encourage widespread participation at the youth level (ages 8-12). This is a key area to address if the sport of Futsal hopes to see significant growth in the years to come.


MLF Youth Academy is committed to addressing 2 areas that we strongly feel have a negative impact on our sport:

(1) The sky rocketing costs of participation in junior club. While club dues have steadily risen over the past two decades we feel those costs are manageable, but the cost of travel has exploded. It is now common place for travel costs to make up the vast majority of a player's membership fees during a club season. MLF Youth Academy feels that a solution can be reached that can begin to curtail the escalating expense of junior club and make the sport more inclusive. If this can be done, then the sport will be much more appealing to a large section of the youth market that currently cannot afford to be involved.

MLF Youth Academy President Rosario Lopez, concerned about the long term direction of junior Futsal worldwide. The directors, junior club athletes, and their families faced governing bodies that offered their primary financial supporters a disproportionate voice in decision making, rapidly inflating costs, (especially for top teams to qualify to compete in National Championships), and a season that offered athletes few off-season days. Rosario decided to form the MLF Youth Academy as a lobby group to work for better conditions for juniors.

The mission of the new association is to represent, communicate and lobby for the development, growth and marketing of all levels of youth and junior Futsal.


• To be Accountable to all Constituents  
• To Promote Simplification of All Systems 
• To Promote Youth and Junior Development 
• To Promote Affordability/Representation 
• To Protect participants of the organization 
• To Promote Education for Coaches and Players 
• To Promote Inclusiveness & Affordability & Embrace all levels

Our Guiding Principles: Best Practices Affordability and Financial Responsibility Player Welfare Transparency Member Driven to reflect our growing membership of all adults involved in junior Futsal clubs, we officially changed our name to "MLF Youth Academy" and created a new logo to reflect the change.

The MLF Youth Academy is an association of world leaders in futsal, who are dedicated to all facets of junior Futsal and have a desire to offer the best programming possible to their members. MLF Youth Academy is a trade association established to serve those who dedicate themselves to a part or full time commitment to Futsal. To that end, MLF Youth Academy provides:

  • Information on best practices in club ownership, facility management, and methods to enhance your business acumen and effectiveness.
  • A lobbying group to influence the world organizations that manage, regulate and influence the junior Futsal community
  • A source of information and coaching education specific to junior Futsal/club needs.
  • An avenue to access club directors for companies interested in investing in the junior Futsal marketplace.
  • An association that will build relationships and community within junior Futsal by linking club directors across regions, philosophy and club size.

Other notable features that will become mandates are:

• BI-Annually each adult staff member of all associations will have to undergo a strict background check which will allow them to have involvement within the MLF Youth Academy programs. No background checks no participation, the safety of all our participants is top priority.

• Head Concussion training for all coaches, players and parents.

• Elected Boards for all associations

• Youth Safe Sports Programs

• Adult Impact Training every three years, Impact is where coaches and adult league participants learn the critical issues behind the importance of leadership and safety among youth players and staff. This certification is needed in order for any participation in any association.

• Great Junior Club Insurance programs, that covers not just players, coaches and facilities but also special D & O programs that cover spectators and travel.

Resources provided to interested members:

• Complete guide to association formation

• Complete guide  to forming a new futsal club

• Complete International MLF Youth Academy Handbook

• Impact Certification Handbook

• Website Hosting

• National Insurance Program

• Safe-Sport Program

• Adult Background Application

• Kids Bill of Rights

• Get Recruited Platform (College)