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MLF Investment Deck

Own a piece of sports entertainment and become a part of a worldwide legendary sport called FUTSAL. Answer the call to back this exploding global sport’s entertainment crown. The next chapter of small sided sports history is being written in the United States. Join us.

Reasons to Invest in FUTSAL

Major League Futsal USA is on its way to finish its fifth full season of professional futsal in the United States, and as the oldest longest running professional league in U.S. history, Major League Futsal USA is primed to kick off 2020 with a new redesigned, recommitted group of investors.

Major League Futsal USA has decided to begin the process of securing the Futsal market utilizing a strong bullish approach to trademarks and Intellectual Property management. Major League Futsal USA is no longer an open book for individuals and groups to gleam competitor leagues and events. Its time to take the market and instill its future for the success of the Major League Futsal USA company.

Its stake holders and private investors will now become a part of the solution by dissolving the current market, rebuilding a unified professional league that serves the public interest. This will be the first time in history that the sport of Futsal becomes a public interest where shares can be bought, traded and managed through public, individual and group investors.

Below is an outline for this ambitious remodel of Americas first professional Futsal league.         

Major League Futsal Built by fans for fans- now owned by fans.

Fans of Futsal are some of the most impassioned audiences in sport. Young, old, rich, poor; our fans represent every strand that makes up the fabric of American society.

But there is a number of problems with the way Futsal is being presented some of which are, but not limited to:

  • No connective tissue between events, leagues, coaches and players every man for himself mentality
  • Players and team owners feel removed, not part of a single universe
  • Self-proclaimed experts promote false historical data, gives the U.S. a less than professional appearance   
  • Non-sanctioned regional competitor leagues dilute the fabric of the Futsal market with semi-pro alternatives that do not speak for the pro futsal community
  • Non-sanctioned regional competitor clubs not willing to make the financial commitments needed to form a real professional league, waiting for someone to do it for them
  • Non-sanctioned regional competitor leagues have no real understanding of the professional process, franchise contracts, player contracts, this creates a liability among the futsal community 
  • Non-sanctioned regional competitor leagues display a less than professional environment which creates a delusion among fans, no buy in or interest 
  • Content is hard to access with everyone moving in their own direction, all looking to stand on top of the pyramid
  • Lack of high-quality content that accurately promotes Futsal in all its glory
  • Futsal fans do not know who to trust, again every man for himself mentality
  • No educational process to involve interested investors in the Futsal market

Other sports like the NFL and NBA have a brand that invites fans to access experiences that go beyond the event. Our audience is hungry for digital content experiences and live events that allow them to show their love for the sport. Up until now, live events are poorly executed and have limited geographical reach. Content is too difficult to access and not publicized widely enough. The sport lacks the front-of-mind impact of the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Futsal is just as magnetic as football; we are just lacking the brand that goes with it! 

Based on our research, in the past few years, there has been an unprecedented resurgence of Futsal fans and a burgeoning interest in other small game sports like Lacrosse. Futsal fans want to connect, access content, and share their passion, they just need a central hub to do that. We built Major League Futsal USA a company that is designed from the ground-up by traditional hard working class of players and fans, now it will be owned by the fans.

Going beyond just highlights or replays, we are creating both short and long-form content that immerses the ultimate Futsal fan in a one of a kind experiences. Direct interaction with teams, players and events from around the world, online Futsal series on the future of Futsal.

Major League Futsal USA the legendary titan of Futsal will seize the ultimate prize in four competitive divisions, the only true professional Futsal leagues in U.S. history, has now set its sights on leading this new enterprise to the next crowning achievement.  

We're not just a big name, we have already built one of the largest U.S. Futsal promotional companies, and we are just getting started.

The "Early-Years in Futsal":

  • Already Established in multiple marketing streams across the globe
  • Global Training and Educational Programs 
  • Major Acquisitions of Blue-Chip Players and Franchises
  • World renown globalized naming rights

The market for organized Futsal is on the rise following a steady, upward trajectory. Here are some key facts about this burgeoning market:

  • 84% of Futsal subscribers consider Futsal “Important” or “Very Important” parts of their early development programs
  • More international players are now complimenting and accrediting their success to Futsal in their early years
  • Major League Futsal USA has seen over 8000 pro and semi-pro athletes come through its ranks over five years, making a significant impact on the growth and development of Futsal in America.
  • The female player base is growing, by more than 50% in some demos
  • People who consider themselves “avid” fans of Futsal are on the rise, especially in key youth demographics
  • U.S. Soccer, FIFA, are now involved.
  • The heart and core of our enterprise at Major League Futsal USA is to unite all programs placing the United States on top the food chain   


Promotion is the beating heart of a successful Futsal empire. We have promoted Futsal since 2012, and now have a global presence.


We’ve won contracts across the industry like Kelme, earning ongoing revenues and sponsorship dollars—on an annualized basis.  Our Euro partners are the latest irrepressible force in Futsal to partner with Major League Futsal USA.

Additional exciting collaborations are already in the works.

Exclusive Access

We give fans the exclusive and deeper access they have long hungered for. We provide the premium Futsal content and insider interviews they can’t get anywhere else.  We continue to develop the innovative programming that modern super-fans demand.

Media Company

We produce engaging original content that embraces fans of all Futsal demos. Our most ambitious projects are currently in development.  As we expand, we will sell rights to our startlingly original programming around the world about the evolution of Futsal since 1930.


Our eCommerce platform (currently in pre-production) supports only best-in-class products.  We give brands their best access to prime consumers and we give consumers their best access to the finest in Futsal apparel, equipment and more. Rather than maintaining cumbersome inventory, our brands will pay platform fees and ship products on demand.

In 5-10 years, Major League Futsal USA aims to be known worldwide as the brand that represents the core values of the sport of Futsal. Leveraging this new surge in popularity in Futsal, Major League Futsal USA Promotions plans to layer media, digital experiences, and live events across large social spheres to create the heroic stories that will drive fan engagement and authenticity.

Media Company

Content created within the media company will be deployed on the site and developed specifically for licensing & distribution across the world.

Consumer Products

Major League Futsal USA is looking to become a large global brand for consumers from its retail operations to large fan exhibitions, offering premium products to the everyday Futsal fans. Utilizing our Fair Trade connections around the world, we will be able to customize Futsal specific gear which will enrich our fan base with collectible designs.

International Distribution

Major League Futsal USA plans to expand its current preferred promoter status with engagements in FIFA Futsal, FIFUSA, and AMF, as well as, deploying live access into wider global distribution and licensing channels.

Diverse Teams

Major League Futsal USA is already known for its diversity and will continue to increase its foothold across all markets within a diverse range of sports we support – like Team Handball, Dodgeball and Micro-Futsal. 

Major League Futsal USA is well on its way to becoming the premier promoter of Futsal worldwide. In less than five years, we have promoted the professional game when no one else dared. Our innovative and risky promotions have launched our brand into every market and is the most recognized professional Futsal brand in the world.  

At Major League Futsal USA, we have engineered a promotions machine informed by an expert understanding of and ability to fully exploit every opportunity across traditional television distribution, new digital technologies and, every aspect of social media marketing.

We are the future of Futsal entertainment. 

Engineering the Vision:

We are taking a two-pronged approach - Direct to Consumer + Business to Business - in order to best leverage a passionate fan base and expand our business. The businesses within these two categories are completely interconnected with one another, allowing them to thrive and catalyze enormous growth. 

Revenue Assumptions

Live Event: $30/Ticket, selling window of availability will increase over time, No VIP or High-End tickets factored in, Adjusted for peak/non-peak sale times and seasonality.

Ecommerce: Assumes Average Order Value of $120, 35% of Site Traffic goes to Ecommerce, Conservative 1% conversion rate, Ecommerce feeds other content consumption audiences and vice versa, Ecommerce will hit more explosive growth years 5-10

Portal & Content Advertising: 5 Pages per Visit and $30 CPM Rate, Not factored are Video Ad Revenues as subscriber base grows, Ecommerce customers feed content subscribers and vice versa

Revenue from Original IP: Sale of 1-2 shows per year, Max 4 shows running at once, assumes an 18-month production cycle, assumes a $1M brand funded sponsorship estimate per show, in order to remain conservative, this model does not account for global licensing and distribution revenues

We are built on the championship values set by President and Founder Rosario Lopez, a powerful and iconic living legend: peak fitness, hard work, personal dedication, and fierce competitor. Assuming the mantle as the premier promoter of Futsal has meant melding these components into one grand value superior entertainment. In business, like on the court, quality can never be compromised for success to be achieved.  

Futsal and small game sports entertainment is resurgent worldwide. Futsal fans old and new are hungry for the excitement traditional Futsal once delivered and the fresh rush of diverse Futsal spectacles are now available.  Major League Futsal USA is uniquely positioned and prepared to engage and serve this burgeoning audience.

The engine driving the Major League Futsal USA extensive state-of-the-art network is a bedrock of strength in advertising, production, and sponsorship. We fuel our company and position our team in a way that expands earnings beyond traditional revenue channels.  Major League Futsal USA innovates in monetization across retail, advertising, live events, and physical locations.

Major League Futsal USA presents a vision of the future of Futsal that is moving fans from an awareness of Futsal to devotion in following the Futsal market. We are seizing ownership of the Futsal conversation.

Join us..

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