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The NAFF has opened up the market to allow for individual state associations to be sanctioned by the NAFF, giving each association real authority and immediate national recognition. The State Associations will be established to govern futsal leagues, tournaments, and individual registrations.

All State Associations will follow the NAFF handbook and all Junior Olympic Codes of Conduct under the JFA.

Each state association will be considered the states governing body of youth and adult futsal. Developing inner city outreach programs that work with the NAFF High Performance system to create the National Pipeline of futsal hopefuls.     

The NAFF believes that combining the state adult and youth leagues under a local authority will provide opportunity for more players locally and nationally. State Associations can now host real sanctioned leagues, tournaments and state championships that will be recognized by the NAFF, giving teams and players real national rankings.       

The State Associations will help build out the futsal platform for the United States at all levels. By providing solid statutes which are the building blocks of any national program. Plus the governance is at the state level which provides a national footprint across America. 

There is no annual state association fee required, only individual member registrations as outlined in each platform. 

States Associations can sanction as many leagues as they want in each state, under the adult or junior/youth programs.   

The State Futsal Associations will Govern:

Visit each link to find out more about bringing a sanction futsal league to your state. Register before your state is taken..


The vision of the State Futsal Associations is to be acknowledged as the leader in futsal in each state.  


The mission of the State Associations is to promote, govern, oversee, plan and coordinate amateur futsal in each state, in order to provide a variety of opportunities for all interested parties to participate in a safe, positive and appropriately competitive environment.

Basic Organization Outline:

Each State Association is governed by an Executive Board whose make up consists of a:

  • Commissioner
  • Commissioner Emeritus
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Adult Division Coordinator
  • Junior Division Coordinator
  • Official's Division Coordinator
  • The Commissioner and Secretary/Treasurer are elected by the general membership;
  • The Adult Division Coordinator is elected by the current adult players; and the Officials' Division Coordinator is elected by the current officials in the division. These positions elect every two years.
  • The Junior Division Coordinator is elected by the current junior club directors every 3 years.
  • The Executive Board is charged with Regional administration and operations, transacting business, and program planning and development.

2017-2018 NAFF League Membership Registration System

Register with the NAFF:

#1 You can use hard copies of all the registration forms and mail them in as a team or individual.

Forms You Will Need to register with hard copies:

Please download, print out and fill out all forms. 


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