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Start a JFA State League


Looking to start a State Association with the Junior Futsal Association?

The RJFAs established by the governing board of the JFA, are established to govern the state association, leagues, tournaments, and individual registrations. All State Associations follow the JFA handbook and all Junior Olympic Codes of Conduct. Under the authority of the JFA and the NAFF, each state association will be considered the states governing body of futsal. 

The Official JFA National League starts in December 2017 and officially ends August 2018 at the JFA Junior National Championships. Get started now and secure your local leagues and teams. 

For more info about the JFA visit these links.


The vision of the Regional Junior Futsal Association is to be acknowledged as the leader in futsal in their state.  


The mission of the RJFA is to promote, govern, oversee, plan and coordinate amateur indoor futsal in each state, in order to provide a variety of opportunities for all interested parties to participate in a safe, positive and appropriately competitive environment.


Each RJFA organization is governed by an Executive Board whose make up consists of a:

  • Commissioner
  • Commissioner Emeritus
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Adult Division Coordinator
  • Junior Division Coordinator
  • Official's Division Coordinator

The Commissioner and Secretary/Treasurer are elected by the general membership; the Adult Division Coordinator is elected by the current adult players; and the Officials' Division Coordinator is elected by the current officials in the division. These positions elect every two years. The Junior Division Coordinator is elected by the current junior club directors every 3 years. The Executive Board is charged with Regional administration and operations, transacting business, and program planning and development.

For a list of individual RJFAs please visit the links.

Register Your State Association with the JFA 

JFA Organizational Membership, this is for the formation of a new state association under the JFA. In order to regsiter a state association at least one member must be an active registered member of the JFA and NAFF.

Registering a state JFA is easy, we offer a one time annual settlement fee that covers all expenses to the National Governing body the NAFF. After this fee is paid in full, any and all monies earned by the state JFA remains in the state JFA.

One time annual settlement fee of $2500

Payable to Major League Futsal USA follow the link